Second Chance is an alternative training pathway leading to a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification customized especially for young adults aiming to gain a first professional qualification.

Aim of the project

Second Chance main goal was to target the social and labour market exclusion of unqualified people by developing and implementing a new alternative training opportunity leading to a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification.

Why is this project necessary

Studies carried out in Switzerland and all over Europe, have shown that risks of unemployment and marginalization from the labour market are correlated with a lack of qualification.

In particular, young adults who prematurely interrupt their training cycles, face serious difficulties to integrate themselves in a stable manner in the labour market.

How to develop flexible and personalised training, able to facilitate the acquirement of a proper professional qualification, dedicated to people who risk to be left out from the labour market?

How to aid them to approach a professional training opportunity?

What measures should be adopted in order to recuperate the basic competences needed for professional training?

These are a few questions, which the Second Chance European Project tried to answer.

Target group

The primary target group of the Second Chance model is young adults without a VET qualification, aged up to and including 26 years. Additionally, the model meets the training needs of disadvantaged adults with no or low levels of formal qualifications.


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